Atelier’s Christmas Campaign 2018

In this post we’d like to take the opportunity to tell you about the campaign we have lined up for Christmas 2018. They say it is the season of giving, and that has certainly been at the heart of our plans for this festive season.

Instead of our usual trip festive trip out to our local clients, and a trip to the post office for those further afield, we will this year be asking our clients to give to us (sorry guys!). This December we will be volunteering for Southampton City Mission, helping them with the running of their food banks across the Southampton area. We will be using the money and effort we usually put into our Christmas client gifts to instead provide much needed donations and support to this excellent cause.

Over the past fortnight we have been contacting all of our local clients to see if they can help, by letting us place a box in their office for their teams to fill with food and christmas goodies. We will then be taking all of the boxes, as well as everything we have gathered ourselves, over to Southampton City Mission’s warehouse to help them get it those in need over the festive period. We are hoping to be able to donate around 15-20 large boxes full of food items.

Jess, our Project Manager who has been coordinating these Christmas activities said, “many of our clients have been very keen to be involved so we are hoping we will be collecting some lovely full boxes of food to take along with us on the day!”

If this is something you would like to get involved with, either by donating a box of food items this Christmas or by donating some time to help out the team at Southampton City Mission, just get in touch!

food bank poster snapshot