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Getting Started on Social Media

Social media strategy is a crucial part of any successful business plan. With the recent market predictions stressing the importance of social media presence for businesses, it's more important than ever to invest your time and money into marketing your company on social media. Here's our guide to 'going social' – helping you work out your pins from your posts!

Free SEO Audit

Understanding how your website is currently performing is invaluable to your digital marketing. Don't just limit yourself monitoring Google Analytics; we're offering you a free SEO Audit to help you accurately gauge your website's health. Don't miss out!

Recommend a Friend

This might just be the easiest £200 that you will ever make. Simply introduce us to a friend for your choice of either John Lewis or Marks and Spencers vouchers, or credit added to your account with us. Easy peasy! 

Google Panda 4.0 – what should I change about my current SEO strategy?

This article looks at the latest Google update – Panda 4.0. Unsurprisingly, every Google update leaves businesses concerned that their website will be penalised, with damaging effects to SEO and rankings. This is our guide, advising you of changes you may want to make to your existing SEO strategy.

Why Should You Update Your Website?

Your website is the shop window to your business and is on view 24 hours a day. If your website has not been updated in over a year, it may need some urgent updates. 

Link Building: The Grey Area

Link building has come on a vast amount in recent years, but for SEOs and clients alike, it remains a painful grey area that can be pretty difficult to understand. In this post, we will be battling common misconceptions and looking ahead to the future of link building.

Direct Mail is Dead, or So You All Thought…

What happened to Direct Mail? It was blown out of the water by email marketing that's what! But as buyers lose receptiveness to email, could direct mail be the way to cut through the clutter and catch buyers' attention?

Deep Website Personalisation

Many buyers are now using the web to search for information to inform their purchasing decisions, so it is highly likely that the first touchpoint for potential customers will be your company website. Through website personalisation is it possible to provide a user experience which either encourages a return visit or initial engagement?

Long Live Email Marketing!

B2B buyers are getting 60% of the way through the decision making process before engaging with a business, therefore it is vital to cut through and make contact before you're discounted! People say email is becoming a dying art, but if done better, email has a long life ahead!