Google Update – Panda 4.1

It has been announced that since 25th September 2014, Google has been slowly rolling out it's most recent update – Google Panda 4.1. Although Panda updates are nowhere near as brutal as Penguin – there are still some key points you need to bear in mind to ensure your website continues to perform well in search engines. 

WXG Conference 2014

On 26th September, Atelier’s design team attended the WXG Conference in Guildford. Hosted by web agency Kyan, WXG is dedicated to exploring cutting-edge web & digital experiences. With such wide-ranging topics such as user interface design, creation of music via code and cloning the Internet, it was a fascinating and eye-opening event.

Is the Absence of Adwords Adverse to your SEO?

The closing talk at Brighton SEO addressed the correlation between your traditional SEO and your paid search operations. This added plenty of fuel to the fire that is the digital marketer’s relationship with the almighty Google. Has the time come where businesses need to be paying for traffic to have any impact?

Brighton SEO 2014

Last week the digital marketing team went to much loved industry conference, Brighton SEO, to enjoy seminars and workshops with some of the industry’s best influencers and experts. There were lots of great ideas, new technology and practical advice to take away from BrightonSEO. Here is a roundup from each of us, about the things which really got us talking!

Enlightened Communication

B2B buyers are still being bombarded by sales calls and badly thought-out marketing communications. If we want to get cut through we need to understand what is important to them. Through enlightened communication, we can catch buyers attention and encourage them to make contact before ruling us out. 

How Important is it to be the First Ad on Google

Everyone likes to finish first, but just how important is it? In the dog-eat-dog world of AdWords, it appears that being the first across the line can make a terrifying difference. In this article, we take a look at a recent study by Marin Software on paid search ad positioning and their associated click-through's.

6 Signs Your Website Needs Updating

It can be difficult to know, particularly in this fast moving digital age, where your website sits against competitors and when is the right time to update. We've listed some of the common issues that are currently preventing companies getting the best results from their website.

Free Digital Marketing Workshops

We know that digital marketing is about more than just hiring an agency. Marketing starts from within – at the very core of your business! We've that most businesses seem to be struggling with common marketing issues, and we want to help you get more out of digital marketing. In line with this, we are going to be hosting free-to-attend workshops at our offices on Southampton Science Park.

Does the Facebook ‘Ask’ button mean anything for digital marketers?

This week Facebook launched a new button visible on the profile page of each account, called ‘Ask’. This feature allows people visiting the profile of a user to ‘ask’ about aspects of the person’s profile information, but will this new feature have any benefit to those within the digital marketing industry?

How to use Google My Business

We can't think of any business who doesn't want to generate more sales from local customers. In this post, we describe how you can use Google My Business to do exactly that!