Five Things Which May Surprise You About Video Advertising

Video is taking over the world. Okay – maybe a little dramatic but it's certainly starting to compete with the likes of TV advertising. Here we have broken down some key points which you may not know about or have considered when it comes to the growing world of video advertising. 

The Clock is Ticking for HTTPS

If your website contains any pages where users can input data, Google is now giving you just two more months to make these pages secure with HTTPS before they slap a ‘not secure’ warning on these pages in Google Chrome.

Solent Uni Students Smash Our Live Brief

Earlier this year, we were asked by our friends at Southampton Solent University to get involved with a project for their final year Web Design and Development students. Our task was to provide a live brief which the students could work on – the goal being to give them real industry experience of what it’s like to work on actual projects.

GDPR is coming, and it could mean big changes to your website

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you will likely have started to hear the term ‘GDPR’ (General Data Protection Regulation) being bandied around. It's approaching quickly, and it could mean big changes to your website and how you use customer data. 

It’s 2017 – Time To Update Your Content Strategy


As digital marketing trends change and develop, your content strategy needs to evolve with it. If you want to create a marketing plan for the coming year, you need all the most updated tools and strategies. Here's our top tips! 

The Complete Guide To Repurposing Content


There are many benefits of repurposing your content. Boost your SEO, reach new audiences, reinforce your message and gain authority. But perhaps the most important is that you’ll save time. Read our complete guide to find out how.

4 Ways You’re Wasting AdWords Budget


Paid search can be an expensive exercise if not managed correctly, so it’s important that your budget is being used wisely. So to increase your ROI and optimise your campaigns, we’ve put together 4 common ways you could be wasting your AdWords budget – and how to change it

Benefits of a Good Hosting Package


In today’s world, more and more businesses rely heavily on their website and online presence. While there is a huge variety of options available, the benefits of a professional hosting package cannot be understated.