Building your business’s online reputation: where to start with social media


In order to get noticed and retain customers amongst a sea of competitors and similarly placed businesses, it pays to be aware of your online reputation. Altering the way your brand appears when typed into a search engine is pivotal in developing a reputation. Social media is one of the biggest, if not the biggest platform for sharing opinions and experiences. If a user has something terrible to say about an experience at a Café, a post about that experience on Facebook, is likely to be shared and visible to a host of potential customers. On the other hand, a positive experience can be shared in a similar way. Those viral reviews making the rounds on Facebook, celebrating the brilliant customer experience are prime examples of how social media is a platform for promoting a business. With such a diverse user base, and opportunities to reach people in real- time, it only makes sense to take advantage of this platform to build your business’s online reputation.


Being selective with social media platforms

Depending on the type of business; large corporation, medium- sized company, or start- up, the social media strategy will differ. It is important to remember that not every platform will achieve the same aims, with each being used for a different purpose and by different audiences.


is great for sending out short, snappy posts and promoting an existing link, given the limit of 140 characters per Tweet.


relies on a brand being conversationalist and forming relationships with those ‘liking’ the page. Although it can be a slippery slope, paying for likes and sponsored posts should not be prioritised over quality content and regular posting.


has become one of the most used platforms in business, with it’s easy functionality of taking a photo and posting it not falling short of simplicity. Photos can be sponsored and promoted to the top of a feed.


is a low effort but high-return platform, with the simplicity coming from finding existing content and organising into relevant ‘boards’, and then encouraging people to participate in the pinning around certain trends and themes.


is great for bringing communities together and creating new passionate groups, for sharing shared interests and content.


encourages users to publish posts around anything relevant to their industry, work or job, whilst building a network of like-minded professionals.


has been adopted by businesses to send out photos and videos, without reusing the content (unless screenshotted). This requires a large amount of time and creativity to engage and maintain new followers once the initial snap has hooked them in.


similar to Google+, nurtures communities and encourages original content to be produced and discussed. Great for fostering conversation around an experience, topic or brand

Set aims and a time frame

Setting aims and objectives for your business’s online presence provides you with something to measure and track against, and ensures you are on track with your business’s overall objective. Once the aims have been established, a time frame is important to measure progress against, and ensure the necessary measures are taken to begin building a reputation.

Networking within industry

Networking with people and organisations within your industry is crucial in establishing your brand according to how you present yourself, the company and what it is you would like to get from that connection. Building relationships and connections can be beneficial to establish your brand as a contender and source of information, as well as presenting your business as a potential partnership opportunity.

Social media platforms are pivotal in starting conversation within industry, making it easier to have an honest real time conversation, and building the foundation of connectivity and relevance. Sharing content, ideas and news will present your brand at the forefront of information and demonstrates your relevance in the everyday.


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