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The Power of Visual Content

If you have read any industry blogs in the past two years you will know that content is the way forward when it comes to generating traffic to your website and sales for your business. But what content makes your customers tick?

Google Update: Mobile is Mandatory

From April 21st, Google will be rewarding mobile friendly sites in their ranking algorithms. This article will help you determine whether you are ready for this change, and what to do if you're not!

When is it time to update your website?

Your website is the key to attracting more customers online. In this article we'll be providing your with an overview of some of the key reasons as to why your website might be ready for an update.  

Why Should You Update Your Website?

Your website is the shop window to your business and is on view 24 hours a day. If your website has not been updated in over a year, it may need some urgent updates. 

Direct Mail is Dead, or So You All Thought…

What happened to Direct Mail? It was blown out of the water by email marketing that's what! But as buyers lose receptiveness to email, could direct mail be the way to cut through the clutter and catch buyers' attention?

WXG Conference 2014

On 26th September, Atelier’s design team attended the WXG Conference in Guildford. Hosted by web agency Kyan, WXG is dedicated to exploring cutting-edge web & digital experiences. With such wide-ranging topics such as user interface design, creation of music via code and cloning the Internet, it was a fascinating and eye-opening event.

6 Signs Your Website Needs Updating

It can be difficult to know, particularly in this fast moving digital age, where your website sits against competitors and when is the right time to update. We've listed some of the common issues that are currently preventing companies getting the best results from their website.