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Paris Smith Charity Conference

Last night we had the opportunity to speak at the Paris Smith Charity forum about how charities can improve online fundraising with Social Media. Here's what we spoke about…

WordPress XSS Vulnerability

Multiple WordPress Plugins are vulnerable to Cross-site Scripting (XSS) due to the misuse of the add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg() functions. These are popular functions used by developers to modify and add query strings to URLs within WordPress.

The official WordPress Official Documentation (Codex) for these functions was not very clear and misled many plugin developers to use them in an insecure way. The developers assumed that these functions would escape the user input for them, when it does not. This simple detail, caused many of the most popular plugins to be vulnerable to XSS.

Google Update: Mobile is Mandatory

From April 21st, Google will be rewarding mobile friendly sites in their ranking algorithms. This article will help you determine whether you are ready for this change, and what to do if you're not!

We’re in the Top 50 UK Marketing Agency Blogs

Ryan of Contender Content got in touch last week to let us know we'd been chosen as one of the Top 50 UK Marketing Agency Blogs! We work hard to stay ahead of the latest developments in the industry so that we can continue doing great work for clients present and future!

Free SEO Audit

Understanding how your website is currently performing is invaluable to your digital marketing. Don't just limit yourself monitoring Google Analytics; we're offering you a free SEO Audit to help you accurately gauge your website's health. Don't miss out!

Recommend a Friend

This might just be the easiest £200 that you will ever make. Simply introduce us to a friend for your choice of either John Lewis or Marks and Spencers vouchers, or credit added to your account with us. Easy peasy! 

Free Digital Marketing Workshops

We know that digital marketing is about more than just hiring an agency. Marketing starts from within – at the very core of your business! We've that most businesses seem to be struggling with common marketing issues, and we want to help you get more out of digital marketing. In line with this, we are going to be hosting free-to-attend workshops at our offices on Southampton Science Park.