Introducing, the Atelier Interns!

Over the last three weeks, Atelier Studios have been joined by two second year students from Southampton Solent University as part of a work experience programme. Helen Cummings from the Public Relations course, and Sangeeth Gurudas from Marketing, joined in the beginning of May to come and work alongside the digital marketing team.

The students have been working on a number of clients projects as well as getting involved with some exciting internal projects. This has seen them engaging with content marketing, search engine optimisation, and public relations as well as the delivery of live client pitches and developing campaign strategies for new and existing clients.

Atelier's Work Experience Program

The introduction of work experience placements comes as part of Atelier's plans to maintain close links with the local universities, helping the digital professionals of tomorrow, to stay ahead of the latest developments in the industry and gain more professional experience.

Rachael Jessney, Head of Digital Marketing, had this to say:

“I’m aware of how difficult it is to study and gain relevant work experience that will land you a job when you graduate. Introducing students to the working agency environment is our way of giving an insight to life after graduation, as well as the opportunity to get involved in real projects where they can use the knowledge and skills they have learnt so far. These interns mark Atelier’s first step into the offering of work experience placements, and it is something we will definitely be continuing with in the future.”