Is the Absence of Adwords Adverse to your SEO?

We always leave Brighton SEO with some food for thought, and Matt Beswick’s closing talk certainly provided that this year. His thoughts regarding the correlation between your traditional SEO and your paid search operations added plenty of fuel to the already voracious fire that is the digital marketer’s relationship with the almighty overlord, Google.

Mr Beswick wholeheartedly believes that paying these companies – whether using paid search or other outlets – benefits you massively. Matt’s slides (which he’s kindly shared on SlideShare, available here) provide statistics and facts that his campaigns experienced a significant boost once he coughed up a little cash to the companies he was promoting with.

Why this might be happening

The argument is based off of a simple and rational principle; these organisations are businesses and businesses exist to make money. The clients they serve are typically an end user rather than us SEOs, and as a result they want to make both these end users and their stakeholders happy. This means better accuracy and greater revenue are top of their list.

Google have, in their typical roundabout manner, said that their search engines need to increase the accuracy with which the rank the relevance of search documents. There is belief out there that once a user has clicked on an end and visited its landing page, Google uses this information to then improve the SERPs provided should that query be asked again.

As such, the activities provided by AdWords results can offer Google information which they, in turn, can be used to gauge the accuracy of pages pertaining to a specific query.

Google clearly needs a rational way of working out quality and relevance, and makes no real secret of gathering as much information as possible to achieve this. Feeding their data back into the process this way would certainly be one of them being able to do so.

Another simple benefit that an AdWords account can bring is quite simply visibility. Regardless of a click or not, the more page real estate you’re taking up, the greater the number of opportunities to see you’re providing the potential end users. Marketing 101 right there.

This doesn’t mean simply having an AdWords account linked to a particular property is going to boost you top the top spot, but a well-performing AdWords account could well be feeding Google vital information as to the quality and relevancy of your page. It might just be time for SEO's to stop turning the noses up at the opportunities paid search can offer…