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Is your website working hard enough to attract new visitors and turn them into something meaningful?

All of our website design and development projects keep your end goal in mind – considering not only what looks nice, but also what is going to get you the results you deserve.

Honest Advice

We will always give you straightforward feedback and guidance on the plans and ideas for your project.

No smoke and mirrors and no secrecy – what you see is what you get.

Transparent Pricing

You will always understand the costs behind the work that we are doing. All pricing is PAYG, paid monthly.

No upfront deposits or large balances before work is delivered.

Our Team is Your Team

Really get to know each of the people behind your project team as we embark on this journey together.

Collaboration, mutual understanding and good chemistry is key to success.

Appealing To Your Target Customers

Way before we put pen to paper and start designing, we do the ground work in understanding your different audiences.

  • What triggers them?
  • What resonates with them?
  • What motivates the to take action?

Being able to imagine and envision your target audiences during the design and build phase ensures that we provide you with something which achieves results now and that will scale accordingly for the future.

Pairing You With The Right Content Management System

Your content management system has to be flexible enough to stand the test of the time. We review all of your requirements against the leading systems – ensuring that it can cater for you now and grow with your needs in the future.

Different systems have different strengths and weaknesses and selecting the wrong one can cause you to need to redevelop earlier than you might have planned.

Measurement & Tracking

We are committed to measuring and tracking everything we do, and we love taking the time to get excited about the data and the numbers.

No matter which way you look at it, a website is a huge part of any business or organisation’s marketing strategy and for many is the hub of all activity.  With in-depth tracking, it will be easy for you to understand:

  • Who is visiting the website
  • Where they came from
  • What they did while on your website


“Atelier carried out a successful UX digital project which ultimately led to our website redesign and relaunch this May. We have been very pleased with the UX work and the digital advertising projects that they have also undertaken for us.”

Sarah Lomas, Head of Sales & Marketing

“My recent experience of working with the team at Atelier on the new Southampton City Art Gallery website was superb. We have always been impressed with their professional approach, and they didn’t let us down on this occasion either. The website was delivered on time, on budget, and most importantly, looks great!”

Gareth Colwell, Senior Communications Officer

“Atelier delivered a well-designed, functional website that matched our needs and objectives. Through conversation and communication we were able to create the website we wanted within budget.”

Lucy-Jane Attrill, Communications Manager

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