Website redesign

We worked with 12CP to come up with a new logo design and also to redesign their website to make it more modern.

12CP Barristers website laptop mock up
12CP Barristers website tablet mock up
12CP Barristers website smart phone mock up

Project background

12CP wanted a fresh look for their website as they felt the current website was outdated, cluttered and information was hard to find.

After designing the logo, we started working on the design of the website using the new brand colours based on the logo.

12CP Barristers website elements design


We created a series of icons for the different specialisms and solicitor profile details, blending the brand colours and creating an offset to give the icons a
distinctive look.


12CP had a lot of content that needed to be shown for each barrister, we made sure to design and build this page to make sure was  SEO friendly but also was easy for the front end user to use. This was via anchor links for each specialist area associated with the barrister and also brought through their related cases automatically.

Another challenge was the long form for the Pupillage application, we broke this down in to a stepped form to guide the user and also let them know how long was left to fill in

Pupilage form design

Barrister profile example


We are absolutely delighted with the innovative new site. Atelier were excellent not only in the building of the site but they were instrumental in the overall rebranding of the business – this was something we had struggled with for months before their team got involved

Mark Harrison, Senior Clerk

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