Mobile accounted for 30% of web traffic in 2012, and is expected to rise to 50% in 2014*

What’s more, 40% of people admitted to abandoning sites that weren’t mobile optimised**.
With this in mind can you afford not to invest in mobile?

We have in-house designers and developers who are experts when it comes to integrated mobile solutions. Going mobile will not only help you reach a wider audience, but will also enhance the user experience and ultimately increase sales. Your ROI will speak for itself.

*Nucleus Research via SourceCon ** Research via CareerBuilder

Mobile Websites

Tailored and Fast-Loading

You may be able to view your existing site on a mobile device, but how long did it take to load? Did it display properly? Is it easy to use?

We can produce a mobile-friendly site using our mobile solution LumaMobile that will be perfectly designed for small screens, optimised to load quickly and ready to use on a wide variety of devices. We’ll also give you your very own tailored Content Management System (CMS) so you can easily add and edit your mobile content.

How can I tell if my clients are using mobile devices to look for me?

We can use your desktop site analytics to identify what percentage of your web traffic is coming from mobile operating systems. We can also find out what these users are looking for so we can make sure the right information and features will be on your mobile site.

How do I know if a mobile site will help my business?

If mobile statistics aren’t enough to convince you that mobile is the future then why not just take a few initial steps to test the water? We can set up a low-cost single mobile landing page so you can see how it performs before making the full commitment.

Most of my business is local. Do I really need a mobile website?

Yes! Customers might be out and looking for the closest business to them, from restaurants to legal or medical help. In fact, over 95% of smartphone users have looked for local information on their phones.*

*2010 Study by Google via Ipsos OTX

Mobile Responsive

Desktop. Tablet. Smartphone

Working on a smaller budget? Mobile responsive websites display all of your existing website content, files, images, scripts and code in a mobile-friendly design. These don’t load as fast as mobile sites because none of the content, codes, scripts etc are optimised for mobile devices, but they are a great low-cost extra to your existing website.

It’s better to be mobile responsive than not be mobile at all.

Mobile Apps

A new channel to reach more customers

Research revealed that 85% of people preferred mobile apps to mobile websites*. Who can blame them? Apps are more functional, and provide a more convenient solution. They can be used offline, and accessed with just one-tap.

We can create a retina-ready, handcrafted, native app that is high res and high quality. And what’s more, it will seamlessly integrate with your existing web and mobile sites.

* Research via Compuware 2013

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